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My name is Summer.  I’m a wife and mother of two boys (and another one on the way!) living in Orange County, California. I’m a SAHM with two small work from home jobs. On my blog you will find my photography, DIYs, a few recipes and whatever life throws at us. 
My followers are mostly women and moms.  
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Thanks for stopping by our blog. This is a lifestyle/family blog created by me, Summer Crosbie and based out of Colorado. I am a wife and mother to 3 young boys. My blog topics range from parenting, DIYs, activities to do with your kids, photography and a few recipes thrown in. I love to share my daily life as a boy mom and our adventures in a new state.

Twitter followers: 600+
Facebook friends: 100+ (started February 2015)
Google+ friends:160+
Instagram followers: 500+
Pinterest followers:1,100+
Bloglovin' followers: 140+

I love hosting giveaways and doing reviews but I only choose them if I feel that they fit my blog. Products given to me will not be returned.

Email me: summies82@yahoo.com