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Thursday, November 19, 2015

4 Gifts- Week 2: Need

If you're just joining me, this is week 2 in our 4 Gifts series (week 1 here). If your not familiar with the 4 Gifts idea, for Christmas you give the people in your family one (or more) thing from each category: want, need, wear and read. 

Christmastime can be a bit crazy and gift giving can get a little out of control. We all want to make our children happy but we also want them to be grateful for what they have and receive. I think the idea of 4 Gifts can make a great Christmas tradition to focus on the things your family really want/need and save money on the crap we buy just to buy it (those filler gifts).

This week I will share with you what I think my boys need. Please keep in mind what I think my boys need might be different from what you think your kids need. I'm basing my gift ideas on my older boys and my toddler boy.

Boy Gift Ideas:

Toddler Gift Ideas:

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