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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Staying Ahead Of The Game With Huggies Wipes

Like a lot of parents with young kids, I keep my boys busy by playing sports. They play year around too so they play in weather ranging from hot and sunny to cold and misty. For this reason, I like to keep a pack of Huggies* Wipes in my car for all the messes headed my way.

My oldest is really into lacrosse which has been fun. He has a couple teams that he loves and a few favorite players. At the beginning of the summer he got to do a really cool summer camp with Jeremy Sieverts and Max Schmidt from the Denver Outlaws. Awesome, right?

As much fun as sports are, they can also make your kids dirty, sweaty and stinky. Let's just be honest about that. That leaves me (and my car) with a couple problems. I can't hose my son off after every lacrosse practice or game so I always make sure to keep a pack of Huggies* Wipes close by. Hudson knows when he takes off his gloves, he needs to wipe his hands off.

I also use the wipes to wipe down his cleats if they're muddy, my seats if they're dirty and I could go on and on BECAUSE KIDS OUTGROW DIAPERS, NOT MESSES*.

From one mom to another, if you need something that will clean your family's messes but is still sensitive enough for your baby's skin, then check out Huggies* Wipes with triple clean layers!

Do you keep a pack of wipes in your car? What are some other ways you use wipes?

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