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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spread The Love with Huggies #UltraHug

"You can never have too many photos with your mom", is something I tell my boys all the time. I can scroll through my phone and see my boys changing and growing. I can see their happy and sometimes sad faces and I can be transported back to that moment. I mentally try to remind myself that I need to be in the pictures with them since sometimes I can go for weeks staying behind the camera only (oops!).


Thanks to Huggies, I am reminding myself to get back in front of the camera for a great cause. From now until June 25th, you can upload a selfie of you and your baby to Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag #UltraHug. Make sure to also include a nomination for a community project that is close to your heart. On July 6th, 20 finalists will be voted on to find 10 winners who will receive a $2,000 grant for the community project of their choice! Go here for more info.

We haven't lived in Colorado a year yet but one organization that we have been able to help twice now is the Parker Task Force/Food Bank. They provide individuals and families in my community with food, limited financial assistance and other support to get them back on their feet. My family and I would love to be able to donate $2,000 to them.


Since becoming a mom about 7.5 years ago, diapers have been pretty much part of my daily routine (we did have a few glorious diaper-free months between Parker and Gavin). We've tried many brands throughout the years and I always tend to come back to Huggies. And now with Gavin, we have been really impressed with their Snug and Dry Ultra diapers. They offer long-lasting leak protection so your little one will stay dry throughout the day.

Are there any community projects that you like to help?

*Edited: There was a giveaway for this post but has since been taken down. So sorry!


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