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Monday, November 10, 2014

7 Boredom Busters for kids

Do you ever get the "I'm so bored, mom!" from your kids? Why am I even asking that, I'm sure you do. My boys have to be constantly busy or there is trouble on the horizon.

Here are some boredom busters we do in our house:

1. Perler Beads: These are fairly new in our house. I wasn't sure if the boys were old enough but they tried them at their cousins' house and they loved them. It usually guarantees at least 30 minutes of focused quiet time. We use a craft tray to keep the perler beads contained while they're working. I made a perler bead idea board on Pinterest if you want to check it out.

2. Lego Challenge: I'm sure you have a bunch of Legos at your house. See if your kids are up for a Lego challenge! Tell them something to make and they have to try their best to make that object. Check out this fun turkey challenge.

3. Ice Block Treasure Hunt: This is going to have to be done ahead of time. Fill up a Tupperware container with water then stick a bunch of small toys in it. Carefully place it in the freezer over night. Take it out the next day and remove it from the Tupperware. Place the ice block outside on the floor and if your child is old enough, let them chip away at it with a small hammer (supervision required!). You can see my boys doing their ice block treasure hunt here.

4. Nerf Gun Target Practice: Stack up some plastic cups on one side of a room and try to knock them down by shooting them with your Nerf guns. You can even add some toys to make it more fun! See where I got the idea here.

5. Paper Rockets: I love this idea because it's so easy and simple but the boys still love it. All you need is paper, straws and markers. See how to put them together here.

6. Shaving Cream Fun: This is a great sensory activity that can be done outside on a table or in the bath tub. Let you kids go crazy with some shaving cream and then it can be easily washed away. Let them play with a few toys in it too like here.

7. Coloring Sheets: What are your kids into at the moment? Look it up on the computer and see if there is a coloring sheet to print!

Need more ideas? Check out my "Activities for the boys" board on Pinterest!

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