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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


It's Fall here in Colorado and it's absolutely beautiful. We decided a couple weekends ago to take a drive on Peak to Peak Highway to see the leaves change and then see if we could spot any wildlife in the Rocky Mountain National Park before the weather got too cold. On the drive up we were all oohing and awing over the different colors in the leaves. Some trees actually looked like they were on fire with their ombre yellow to orange to red leaves at the top.

Seasons are new to us, being how we are from Southern California. We had typically nice/hot weather all year round there and it was a big deal when it would rain. We are embracing what Colorado has to give us, even though the weather changes from one minute to the next, and learning a new way of life. It's a bit slower paced, it's more about family, it's about new adventures but most importantly for us, it's about living a better and more fulfilling life with our boys.

But even with all the new adventures we go on, we are in a season of life where we miss what we had. We are lucky to have the greatest friends and family and that's what makes this move the hardest.  It's the people we left behind. The people we chose to share our lives with, our friends that were more like family and our actual family is what makes our hearts ache.

As time goes on I'm sure things will get better. We will make new friends, we will feel more at home, we will be true Coloradans.

The best thing we know is that seasons change. I just wish this season of loneliness would go by a little faster.

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