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Monday, October 27, 2014

Denver Blacklight Run

Over the weekend my oldest son, Hudson, and I ran our first 5k together. I picked the Blacklight Run because I knew it would be fun for both of us and we needed a fun time together. Hudson did really well. In fact, I was keeping up with him! We kept up a good pace but I'm not really sure of our time because it's not a timed race.

Every so often on the course there were color stations which we both loved. You'd run by them while volunteers threw powder at you. The blacklights on the course made everyone glow and everyone was having so much fun.

Hudson kept telling me how much fun he was having and that he wants to do another one! I love that and I've already got our next race picked out.

Here are some tips I have for running a 5k with your kids:
 -Make sure to pick up your race packet before the race day! We did this and I'm so glad we did. The line to register on race day was crazy.
-Make sure they go to the bathroom before you head to the starting line. Yup, we had to do an emergency bathroom run while we were standing in line with over 15,000 other people (luckily we were able to get back in line)!
-If there is a theme, like glowing or blacklight, try to find stuff at your local stores because it's pretty expensive if you by it at the race.
-Make sure to have a plan just in case you were to get separated.
-Find out if you need to bring water with you or if they hand it out on the course.
-Keep encouraging them! I was so amazed at how well and how much Hudson wanted to run.
-Have fun! I think this is the most important step. I got into the powder throwing stations just as much as he did and we laughed so much.

So tell me, have you done a 5k with your kids?

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