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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Year Must Haves: 3-6 months

I love when people share what has worked for them when it comes to their children. It's fun to share and find new things that might work with my own kids. The first year of a baby life there are so many changes and gadgets to go with each stage.  Here is a list of what has worked for us.

1. Playmat: Any playmat will do but it's so nice to have something that will entertain the baby so you can use the bathroom, answer a phone call, or put in a load of laundry. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one from a friend. I can't stress this enough, share with friends! I've loaned/gave friends so much baby stuff and they have returned the favor. It's so nice and easier on the wallet.

2. Bumbo: This is another thing to prop the baby in that has been helpful. Baby G doesn't always like to lay on the floor so this has gotten some great use (in fact, I've used it with all 3 boys).  I now keep it in my room to put him in when I'm getting ready.

3. Sophie the Giraffe: This is a great teething toy and easy for baby to hold. Besides being cute, it makes a squeaky sound when squeezed which baby learns cause and effect.

4. Sleep Sack/ Wearable Blanket: I love these for the cooler months. Even though baby G likes to be swaddled, his little feet usually break free so I would use this under the swaddle.

5. Lovie/ Security Blanket: I love these things and they come in a two pack.

6. Munchkin Spoons: I've used these spoons with all three kids and they are great. Just the right size and aren't expensive. I also love all the colors. On top of that, they are BPA free and have a soft tip. A lot of times when I'm feeding baby G, I will give him his own spoon to hold/play with.

7. Stationary Entertainment Center: There are so many to choose from but this is the one that we have. Once baby has good neck muscles, this is a great option to put them in to play with.

8. Amber Teething Necklace/Anklet: I know this is sort of a personal choice be we have loved it so far.

9. Freshly Picked Moccs: If you're looking for cute shoes that don't come off easily, these are for you!

Anything I'm missing that you loved during these months? Share!

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