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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stuck On You {review}

I briefly talked about this on Instagram but growing up with the name Summer, I never found souvenirs with my name on it. On road trips, I would always enter a new store thinking this will be the one but sadly, I was pretty much always disappointed. What I would have given to have my name on a cute little key chain, zipper pouch or water bottle.

And then I found Stuck On You. They are known for their great products like labels, lunchboxes, drink bottles, party supplies and even clothing but the greatest thing is everything can be personalized! Yes, no matter what your name is.

We got to check out their lunchbox and their drink bottle. Let's talk about the lunchbox first. You get to design it! First you choose the color, then the design (Parker really liked the robots) and of course you get to add a name. You can really tell how well it's made. I love that the outside is water repellant and made from a durable canvas. It has a little pocket on the front to add a sweet little note if you wanted. The inside has a nice lining that can be easy be wiped clean because with little ones, spills are inevitable.

The size of the lunchbox is great too. You could fit in a nice big snack for your kids while they are at summer camp or pack a hearty lunch for school. The drink bottle also fits inside perfectly.

Speaking of drink bottle, I love this thing. I'm getting my 4 year old to drink a lot more water! He loves that his name is on it and we discussed that we would just be putting water in it and that works for him. That's a win for both of us. The drink bottle can also be personalized with a design and name. He is so excited to use it at his upcoming soccer games!

As cooperative as he gets now days. :)

If you are looking for great personalized products for kids, I highly recommend Stuck On You. They will LOVE to see their name of their stuff.

These products were sent to me care of Stuck on You in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and pictures are 100% mine.

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