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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mini Style: graduating to the "big kid" section

Hudson has officially retired from the "toddler section" and graduated to the "big kid" section at clothing stores.  I've caught myself finding something cute in the younger kid section and had to remind myself that he's just to big for that anymore.  Something about that just makes my momma heart hurt.  Besides being in Kindergarten, which already made him seem older, he has to wear older boy clothes now.

I'm not really sure when Hudson started having an opinion with his clothes but it's been happening more lately.  I'm happy that he's not too picky but he will tell me when he doesn't really think he should wear something anymore.  Luckily, he has 2 little brothers to hand clothes down to.

On a recent trip to Target I let him pick out an outfit (below).  Right now he really likes skinny jeans.  I'm just thankful that the older boy section still has adjustable waist pants because this kid needs it.

For those of you with boys, are they picky with what they wear or do they let you choose their outfits?


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