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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Your heart will grow

Have you ever heard someone say, "How can I love another baby as much as I do my first child"?  I have.  A lot.  In fact, I'm sure I thought the same thing.

Here's the thing.  Your heart grows with every baby you have.  When a baby is growing in your belly, you dream of what he/she will look like. Mother or father?  You wonder what kind of personality they will have have.  Will they have green, blue or brown eyes?  Will they be easy or difficult when it comes to sleeping?  Then they enter this world and all bets are out the door.  It's love at first sight.  All you want for them is everything in the world they could possibly want.

With Baby G's due date in about 2 months it has me thinking a whole bunch.  There will be so many changes to our family.  We will be a family of 5.  FIVE.  Something I have thought about but wasn't sure was what I wanted.  I now know it's meant to be.  I'm supposed to be a mom of boys.  Three wild and crazy boys.  Boys to teach me patience, take me on adventures and to treat me like a princess.  My boys, along with my husband, will always have my heart.  A heart that has grown almost 4 times the size since meeting Sean.

So can you love your 3rd baby as much as your 1st?  Yes.  You love all your children the same but different.  Each one brings something new to the table and teaches you something you maybe didn't think you needed to learn.

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