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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mini Style: Boy Style

I love dressing my boys in fun and cute outfits.  It's not as hard as some people may think.  Yes, the boy's section is 5 times smaller than the girl's but that doesn't mean there isn't anything out there.  I've noticed that the boy section is getting better. Finally!

You can't go wrong with baseball tees. They have a few different color sleeve options and go great with just about everything.  They are also on the thinner side so they can be worn in warmer weather.  I think bright color shorts are a great way to get color in a boy's wardrobe.  They don't have to wear the same color boring shorts everyday!  Vans seem to be our favorite brand of shoes for the boys.  They always last way longer than say Target brand shoes and have been known to be passed down so my youngest son can wear them. That's awesome in my book. They are also easy to get on so that's a plus.

This shirt is so soft and of course, awesome and can be found here.  One of my favorite things about shorts/pants from Old Navy is the adjustable waist.  My boys are skinny and I usually need to tighten them a bit.  I've noticed pants that don't have this option but is their size tend to fall off them.  These Converse are cute and a great color but a pain in the butt to get on.

So I want to know, where is your favorite place to shop for your little guys?

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