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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tips for a better blog- Search box and Labels

This is a little series I'm starting on my blog for beginner bloggers. Just a few easy tips I have learned along the way to make my blog better.

Today we are going to talk about adding a search bar and labels to your blog.  These are 2 great ways for people who land on your blog to find a post easily.

Search bar:
I really think every blog should have this (especially if you don't have labels).  It can be frustrating when you go to a blog for a certain post and they don't have a search bar.  If someone has to keep going through your pages and can't find something, they might give up after a while.  An easy way to add a search bar is going to Design > Layout > Add a Gadget > Search box.  This is what it will look like.

This is a great way to categorize your posts.   You can have as many labels for one post as you want.  The best thing to do is be precise and make them easy for your readers.  This will be over on the right side when you are writing a new post.

When you are looking at your design, Design > Layout, you can move the search box and labels where you want.  I put the search box on the side bar where it can be easily found.  I put the labels in my footer because there are a lot of them and I think it looks better there.

Other tips:

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