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Monday, August 20, 2012

Easy kid crafts & activites {vol. 3}

Go on an ostrich hunt (or any animal)!  Make a tin foil hat and toilet paper roll binoculars. Toilet paper binoculars: Take 2 empty toilet paper rolls and tape them together.  Punch a hole on the side of each one and tie string so they can hang it from their neck.

Trace their hand with a pen/pencil then outline it with Sharpie.  Have them watercolor  it and then cut it out. You could back it with cool paper and frame it too!

Squirt bottles will entertain your kids for a long time!  My boys love them and will go around squirting anything and everything they can.

 Make a box fort.  Sean brought a bunch of boxes home to make this with Hudson.  Sean cut a few holes out and some sides off and Hudson helped designed it.  The boys loved it!

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