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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boys of Summer Series: Q-Tip Art

My Boys of Summer Series is back!  You can check out last year's here.  Basically once a week I will share a fun activity or craft for the little boys in your life (totally fine for girls too!).

This craft is something we use to do a lot when I worked at a daycare. It's always fun to see children's face light up when they realize they can paint with something other than a paint brush.

What you need:
-paper plate
-tape (optional)

-Squirt your paint onto a paper plate and place a q-tip into each color.

-Tape a piece of paper to the table or surface your child will be working on.  This will help the paper from moving around.

-Let them explore!  They can dot colors with the q-tip or use is like a paint brush.

Hudson made a couple pictures but the one below was his favorite.

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