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Monday, July 16, 2012

Easy kid crafts & activities {vol. 2}

I've been sharing a few more fun and easy things to do with your kids this summer on Instagram (summercrosbie).   As usual, I like to share it here to!

Place a few sidewalk chalks into a bowl of water.  Let sit in there for a couple of minutes.  Then  allow your child to color on paper or the sidewalk!  It dries to look like pastels.  So fun!

Paint with a car! Or in our case, a big truck (it was easier for him to hold)!  First, tape a piece of paper to the surface you will be using so it doesn't move around. Then put a few dabs of paint on the paper and have them drive the car through the paint.

 Make a duct tape wallet!  I actually made this for Hudson but would be easy for an older child.  Cut a piece of paper to 6x8.5 inches. Cover both sides with duct tape. Fold in half (hotdog style) and tape sides. Add a little card pocket if you want!  Hudson loves his new wallet!

 Have an ice cream maker?  Make some juice slushies!  Put the "freezer bowl" in over night like you would do when making ice cream.  Fill it 3/4 the way with any kind of juice (lemonade is the best!) and let it spin about 10 minutes and serve!  So good on a hot day.

 Watercolors!  The key to this is getting the cheap stuff and not worry about the paint colors mixing. With toddlers, it's bound to happen.

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