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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boys of Summer Series: 2 liter bottle sprinkler

My Boys of Summer Series is back!  You can check out last year's here.  Basically once a week I will share a fun activity or craft for the little boys in your life (totally fine for girls too!).

So I'm sure you have seen these two images (above) on Pinterest.  The thing is, if you click on them (and I clicked on a bunch of them), there is no original link.  Such a bummer.  So I thought I would make one for the boys and tell you how I did it. If you know the original link, please share!

Yes his pants are on backwards.  :)

What you need:
- an empty 2 liter bottle
- drill and drill bit

 Carefully make holes using a drill in the top 1/3 of the bottle. I originally made the holes in the bottom of the bottom like the top right picture from Pinterest but as soon as you start filling it with water, it was obviously leaking out. To fast too.  So we tried again with a new bottle.  Having the holes on the top makes it so much easier!  Trust me.  Then just fill it up with water and put the top back on.

Time to have fun and get wet!

It's even great for when they want to help water your plants. 

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