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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Easy kid crafts & activites

Some of you might know that I worked with children before I had kids of my own (and while I had Hudson too).  Working with kids has given me a lot of fun ideas to do with my own boys.   If you follow me on Instagram (summercrosbie) I have been sharing a few very easy crafts and activities. I thought I would share them here too.

Cheerios necklace or as I like to all it, a snack-on-the-go necklace: Cut a long string and tape it to the table that way when they string them, they won't fall off and become frustrated. Let them string as long as they want.  For Hudson it was about 5 minutes.  That's totally fine.  Another great idea to do with your stale plain Cheerios is string them up the same way and hang it outside like a bird feeder.

Paper plate fish: Have your child paint the back of a paper plate.  Allow it to dry. Then help them cut out a big triangle for the mouth.  Take that triangle and tape it to the back as a fin.  Add an eye and you're done!

Toilet paper roll art: Let them use an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll as a stamp.

Make a happy board: go through a family/kids magazine with your child and have them show you what makes them happy.  Cut them out and help them glue it to a piece of paper or two in our case.

 I shared this last year (here).  Shaving cream is always a fun activity for my boys.  You can easily play with it outside or do this in the bath tub.

Hope you all have a fun summer!

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