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Friday, May 25, 2012

A New Adventure

Some might call them walks or hikes but be like to call them adventures.  Sometimes its crazy to think that in Orange County, we have these beautiful spots that when you visit them, you feel so far away from a busy life.  The boys love these adventures, I'm learning to.  I'm not really one to get all sweaty and dirty but having two active boys, I have to embrace it.

I remember reading about the Riley Wilderness Park and wanted to take the boys.  I used to live so close to it (like 3 minutes away) and I had no idea it was there. There is a beautiful butterfly garden and a fun trail to follow if you feel up to it.  It will cost $3 for parking but it's totally worth it!

We still live close to it (like 15 minutes away) so I can see us going here a lot more!

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