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Monday, April 16, 2012

Adventure Day

Sean and a bunch of our friends decided a few months ago to go camping this past weekend.  Unfortunately, of all weekends, we had terrible weather Friday night but that didn't stop a couple of friends from camping. We drove down to Casper's campgrounds to hangout for a little bit but it was pretty hard to keep two young boys from running out into the pouring rain. We only stayed for about an hour then headed home, grumpy I might add, then returned back early in the morning.

The campground had a fun "Adventure Day" for families with a bunch of games, booths and food to enjoy.  The kids had a blast!  Hudson even petted a tarantula! I seriously shrieked and had to walk away I was so grossed out. Ugh just typing that gave me the willies. 

We enjoyed the campground's super cool park, a hike with friends, talking with friends (when we weren't chasing the boys around) and of course, eating.  Sean and Hudson stayed the night while Parker and I enjoyed our nice, warm beds then picked up the boys in the morning. 

So if anyone lives in Southern California, where is your favorite spot to camp?

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