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Monday, December 5, 2011

Pom Pom Wreath {tutorial}

I had shared this on The Paper Mama's blog a few weeks ago for her 50 DIY Days of Christmas (Day #8) and thought that I would now share it on my blog.

This craft is simple but it does take a little time glueing on all the pom poms. I just used a couple of nap times to work on it which ended up being perfect for me but if you had a girl's craft night, this would be a fun project to make!

What I used:
-a 12 inch foam wreath
-white pom poms in 2 different sizes (.5 inch and .75 inch)
-glitter pom poms in Christmas colors (.5 inch)
-glue gun
-lots and lots of glue sticks

So it's pretty simple, just start glueing on the pom poms. Space out the glitter pom poms.  I left about an inch between each one. The nice part about having 2 different sizes of white poms poms is that it gives it a little more dimension.  Also, I didn't glue pom poms on the back! This would have taken too long so I just made sure that the pom poms go all the way on the side to touch the wall it will hang on. This wreath turns out cute and soft! 

Once you're all done glueing on the pom poms you can leave it as is or you could glue a piece of ribbon to the back to hang it up easier.  I hope you liked this easy Christmas DIY.

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