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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boys of Summer Series: Sponge Ball Fight!

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas to do with the boys.  Summer break is now here for us!  I thought each week I would share a craft or fun activity that would be great for the boys in your life (fine for girls too).

I actually found the tutorial here to make the sponge balls last summer.  I bought some colorful and cheap sponges from Target but never ended up making them. Not this year!  These things are perfect and will definitely be replacing water balloons for a while. Toddlers don't understand why it takes an hour to fill up 100 waters balloons but only 2 minutes to get rid of them all!  :)

-buckets with water

1. Just do what Martha says here!  I actually only cut each sponge into 4 long strips.  Also when I tied them, they didn't make a cute sphere.  Oh well.  They still worked!

2. Fill up a couple buckets/pails with water and put them in different spots as "fill stations".  Dip the sponges in the water and have fun!

I really liked how soft they are when you are hit with them.

I'm so glad the boys liked these. They are really easy and cheap to make.  They will also last for the rest of the summer.  Don't forget to wring them out when you're done playing!


  1. I saw this somewhere recently, but I can't put my finger on where! They're adorable though & I can't wait till Alea's older so we can make these.

    Oh, and P.S. I'm not ready to laugh about that chipmunk yet! I'm still praying I'm not going to stumble across another one... eek!

  2. Those are the best sponges!! The triplets I babysit have them, but their mom made them smaller...They are soooo fun and hold a lot of water!! ;0) Ps. easier than water balloons!!


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