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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo Walk {San Juan}

Yesterday my best friend and I took some time to ourselves to do something we love. Take pictures. No kids. No distractions. We got to take our time and what we wanted to snap up with our cameras, we did.

We started in San Juan Capistrano.

Then headed to the San Clemente pier.

We ended the night at a restaurant that another great friend works at. I'm such a lucky girl to be surrounded by wonderful friends. Last night was a wonderful reminder. Love them. 


  1. how fun! i would love to do this one night. Great photos.

  2. Oh how fun - we all need these kinda days/nights. Love the last shot.

  3. Such pretty pics!!! So peaceful. I think I'll stare at them all day :)

  4. i need a time like this to photograph something other than my kids~! great idea and great pictures!

  5. Sounds like a blast! Oh and that sunset... killer!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Can I come along next time. ;) That seriously sounds like so much fun.


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