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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Mama Makes" with Victoria

Hey There Friends! 

I'm Victoria from over at One. Crafty. Momma. I'm really excited to be sharing this little fun tutorial with all of you here at Crosbie Crew! I love Summer's blog, and I've been a reader for a long time!! Aren't her boys ADORABLE? So today, I'm hoping this quick craft will be helpful and fun for your little ones! 

Do any of you hear "mommmmmmmmmmmmmm, my hands are COLD!" while they are eating a freezer pop or frozen yogurt? It can't only be me...can it? Ok, well, usually I throw a napkin around it, and call it a day! But I've been wasting a TON of paper towels and napkins. We eat 3-4 frozen go-gurts a day here! 

Alot of my days have looked like this:
 So, I'm going to teach you to make these:
Monster Freeze Pop Holders (not the kid, that's a whole different blog!)

Here's what you will need: 
felt (the stuff they sell in your local craft store for 29 cents a sheet is what I used)
googly eyes / buttons
hot glue gun/sticks
embrodery thread (optional)
Let's get started:
Take your piece of felt, and lay it flat on your work surface:
Fold it in half. Short end to short end:
Measure 2 1/2 inches and cut through both pieces of fabric:
Next thing I did was iron them flat. I found it made them easier to work with. 
Alright, here comes the fun part!
Make all the pieces to make your monster faces!
Lay them out how you want them:
Glue on your faces!
Now, glue up the two long sides... making the "pocket" that your ice pop will slip into!
At this point, I went ahead and added some stitches up the sides with corressponding thread. They were plenty secure, so I used a quick running stitch, because I thought it was cute!
How cute are these guys?
 And they are perfect for little hands!

(he totally posed himself for this photo!)

Okeedokee!! Thank you Summer for having me!! I hope you all enjoyed my little craft! Head on over to my blog for some more fun and toddler friendly crafting! :)

Thank you so much Victoria! My boys would love this!
Victoria @ One Crafty Mama

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  1. These are GREAT! Heck, I'd use one myself! Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

  2. Seriously, these are GENIUS! SO in love.

  3. Aww! Thank you ladies! :) And thanks for havin' me Summer!


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