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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Traveling with small children

Soon my family and I will be going on vacation with my husband's family. We are super excited about this!  We haven't seen Sean's brother's family in a while and can't wait to see in person how much the kids have grown. 

So I got to thinking about what we will be taking for the kids and thought I would share some things I have learned while traveling with my kids.

Things to bring with you:
1. Bring lots of entertainment!  Whether you are traveling by car or plane, bring lots of little things for them to play with.  Stay away from things with lots of pieces because they will quickly become lost and tears will ensue.   Think handheld toys, books, rattles, toys that can attach to car seats and small activity centers.  Sometimes the dollar section at Target can be your best friend for new little toys to unveil on your trip.

2. Snacks! This was key on my Florida trip.  Snacks can easily make your littles happy and pass some time too.  Try to stay away from things that are too sticky but seriously, whatever you have is fine.  I love those new baby food pouches for Parker, fruit snacks for older kids, crackers, candy if they earn it and if you can, a juice box or two.

3. A night light! A new room for kids to sleep in can be a little scary.  I try to always remember to pack a night light with us because most places you travel won't have them already.

4. A sippy cup! Even for my oldest (he is 3) I bring cups that have lids and are spill proof.  This will help prevent lots of accidents.  If you are driving, bring your own gallon of juice instead of constantly buying small ones when you stop for gas.

5. Lots and lots of baby wipes!  You can use them for everything besides cleaning little bottoms.  They can clean hands and faces, wipe down leather seats if something is spilled, wipe down tables when you eat, wipe down those dirty, nasty highchairs at restaurants and the list goes on and on.

6. Something that they love!  My son has a special little blanket that he loves and is comforting to him.  Again, new places can scare little kids and having something that they love can make them feel more comfortable.

If you can, get these at your final destination to save some room in your suitcase (if you are flying):
1. Diapers. I made sure to pack enough in my diaper bag when I flew to Florida.  I also made sure that there was a place close by that we could stop and buy some diapers when we got there.  Bringing a week's worth of diapers can take up a lot of room when flying.

2. Formula. Same thing as diapers.  I brought enough for the plane ride and enough for an extra bottle when we landed. Then I bought a container when we got there.  Formula cans are big and bulky especially if you need 2 to get through a week.

3. Baby food. Baby food jars, if using glass jar, can be pretty heavy and weigh your suitcase down if you are bringing a week's worth of food!  Do the same as the diapers and formula and buy them at your destination.

*These are my opinions and what has worked for me.  I understand that not everyone feels these ideas will work for them but I still thought I would share!*

Family road trip from Orange County, CA to Portland, OR to Boise, ID and back in June 2010.

Trip to Florida, February 2011.


  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Ooh I need to bookmark this post. Excellent. thanks! I never would have thought to buy once we got to our destination - makes total sense!

  3. Good tips, especially the night light! We always take one and then forget to bring it home. I need to buy them in bulk. :)


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