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Monday, December 1, 2014

Winter Essentials for your little ones (& review)

We are adjusting pretty nicely to this cold weather here in Colorado. I personally love wearing jeans and sweaters so I don't think I complain to much about the cold (unless it's like 3 degrees then I do).

When we moved here I really didn't know what it took to keep my family happy and healthy. We run the heater all day and all night which really makes the already dry air, well, dryer. I talked to a few moms that I see at the boys' school to get some good ideas what I needed and bought the items. Thank goodness for their help because with the things I got, we in turn, are getting a good nights sleep.

The things I'm sharing are actual items we use inside our home and I recommend them highly!

1. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier: This is pretty much a must. Like I said, with the dry air, the boys end up coughing all night. This has helped to stop that. I also like the cool humidifiers vs. the warm becasue I've heard the warm ones promote the growth of bacteria.

2. Honest Face & Body Lotion: With the dryness comes dry skin. I've been a customer of Honest for a while now and just love their products. I lotion the boys up after bath time or when I feel they need it. This lotion is safe enough to also use on their sweet faces and I never have to worry about harsh chemicals.

3. Flannel Sheets: We never had to use these in California but here we do. The boys call them their cozy sheets. I love that they add an extra level of warmth.

4. Honest Organic Breathe Easy Rub: If and when the boys wake up in the middle of the night with a cough, I rub this on their chest and I will also rub some on the bottoms of their feet and put socks on. It takes about 10 minutes but it does the trick!

5. Boogie Wipes: My best friend recommended this product so I decided to try it and love it! I was wiping the baby's nose so much that it was cracking and bleeding. Since using these he doesn't fight me when I need to get those boogies!

6. Merino Kids Sleep Sack: This has been one of my favorite things for the baby to use and we use it every single night. With regular blankets, I was always worried about them falling off so he would become cold or that they might cover his face making it hard for him to breathe. This helps me get a better nights sleep because I know he's safe and that he's warm without getting too overheated. It can zip open for an easy diaper change and it has a hole so he can wear it in the stroller or car seat if needed. It's also super soft so he's extra huggable in it.
Right now you can get $20 off their Merino Kids Dots Baby Sleep Sack or their Merino Kids Dots Toddler Sleep Sack with the code: DOTS20 (until December 31, 2014). You can also get a free beanie and bootie set with purchases over $100.

What are some of your favorite winter essentials for your kids?

The baby sleep sack was sent to me care of Merino Kids in exchange for an honest review. Bottom two pictures and opinions are 100% mine.

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