Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Mama Makes" with Naomi

Its time to get in the Halloween spirit with some spooky fun! I hope you enjoy this week of "Mama Makes: Halloween Edition"!

Hello! I'm Naomi and I blog over at The Incomplete Works of Anselm. I'm very happy to share an easy Halloween tutorial with you today which you can use to liven up your home for the season, or adapt to make a fun bowl to hold your trick-or-treat goodies. Say hello to the frosted jack-o-lantern candy dish:

Here is a list of the supplies you'll need for the project:

1. Painter's tape - or any tape that will easily come off glass, without the worry of residue.
2. A pen.
3. Scissors.
4. A set of window decals. We will be cutting these into desired shapes, so it is not necessary that these be Halloween-y - unless you'd like to use the pictures as a template!
5. Frosted glass spray. You can find this at Walmart, your hardware store, or even a craft store - which is where I got mine.
6. A clear glass decorative canister. 
7. Old newspaper or junk mail.

And not pictured above:
8. A big piece of cardboard, or lots of extra newspaper, to protect your grass or driveway during spray painting.

Let's start!
Get that piece of scrap newspaper or junk mail, and trace a circle the size of your canister or bowl's opening. Cut this piece out, and tape it in place by running a long strip of painter's tape just around the rim, and pressing it onto the paper circle. This doesn't have to be perfect or pretty. Basically, we just want to prevent any spray paint from getting inside the canister.

Next, we'll cut up the window decals into the desired shapes. Mine already have jack-o-lanterns on them, so I just cut the shapes a tad larger, using the images as a template. We're using window decals for this project because they are very inexpensive (this entire sheet was $1.50), and, more importantly, because they are made to be pulled off glass easily. If we were to use paper stickers, the spray paint could soak through the stickers and cause them to not come off cleanly. 

Once you have your stickers in place, be sure to press any bubbles out, as we don't want any spray paint to get underneath the shapes.

Now we're ready to paint!
Keep your can upright as you spray, and shake very often. Allow the paint to dry for a minute or so after you've sprayed a layer on, so as to avoid dripping. Spray paint a ton of layers on this thing! You want a big contrast between the frosting and the jack-o-lantern face. When you think you've got plenty, just spray on another layer.

While still wet, we're gonna peal off both the painters tape and the decals we cut out. Because there are so many layers of paint on the glass, we run the risk of ripping up that beautiful frosting if we wait until it dries to take the stickers off. Make sure you have no distractions when you peel the face stickers off though: one slipped finger and you'll have a big smudge on your project! Use the tip of a knife, if you don't have long enough finger nails.

Just about done! All we have to do is let it dry for a couple hours, wipe it out, and dump some candy inside! 

Now you don't have to wait until your kids bring home their trick-or-treat goodies to have an excuse to have candy around the house!

Thanks so much for having me, Summer!

Thank you so much Naomi! I'm definitely going to try this!

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  1. I love this!!! It's so cute & seems like something a very uncrafty person like muh-self can even do :) yay Naomi!


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