Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Monogram Ornament tutorial

This monogram ornament is super easy to make.  It would be a great gift for a neighbor, family member or friend. I did the first letter of our last name but you could always do everyone's first initial in your family.

- a wood letter (got mine from Michaels)
-glitter in any color you choose
-white paint
-paint brush
-craft glue or mod podge
-twine or ribbon
-scrap piece of felt
-glue gun

Step #1: Paint your letter white.  Let it dry for a couple hours or overnight.

Step #2: Paint on the glue. There is no pretty way to do this, pour on the glitter!

Step #3:  I let it dry for an hour. Then I turned it over, cut out two small circles from my felt, cut a piece of twine and glued it on the back.  I sandwiched the twine between the letter and the felt.  Just thought it would be more secure. (I hate when price stickers don't come off)

Done!  I recommend hanging it higher on your tree.  Kids tend to flock to shiny things.  I like this so much that I might find somewhere in my house to hand it after Christmas.

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